The day the Moon turned RED!

Normally I ignore the threats and fearmongers because the day passes and they find some other thing to fear. When I see big events unfold in Russia close to the 911 of USA my conspiracy theorist in me starts to do research and what I see is a very rare day celebrated by Illuminati occultists. In mid april the moon turns red on a real Christian holy day.
Acts 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come This day has come and gone many times I have seen the blood red moon myself
The Blood red moon is the sun earth moon alignment that happens on The feast of tabernacles a celebration of the original Christians who founded the USA! We have an Olympic event happening soon in Russia Islamic rebels already bombed and now a rebel leader is claiming responsibility just like 911 and 911 interprets as Revelation 9:11
And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. Many people will dismiss this event because the original Christians are very scarce now and major catholic controlled religions dominate and speak more loudly. Albert Pike planned three world wars and we have followed through time Albert Pikes plan. we have some signs that if correct will reveal the hypothesis correct. If the Russian Olympics turns into a bloody massacre and Russia is blamed and Islamic rebels blamed this will then set the stage for the event in mid April of 2014. I am not a fearmonger so I will not claim to be right so take a look at the dates in the past the Albert Pike plan and the original Christians destroyed by the catholic church.


Who is Larry Page and why do I link him to teenage suicides and Bullying

One of the most common atrocious things atheist do is use false replacement institutions as the real thing. When they argue they use manmade religions that do not have Christian origins. A true church of Christianity will teach you how to be free and safe from the abuses of people who lost their compass in life.

Larry Page is the Ceo of google owner of youtube and member of the council on foreign relations.
This video link shows the google manipulations of the search engine.

We can also Guarrantee people will react when people cheat us:

We can Guarrantee if the founder is atheist all of Google is Atheist and more attention will be made to promote atheism. So why do I think this causes suicides. What I am showing here is that google has written algorithms to cut out competitors and if they can cut out the competition they most certainly can cut out religion. This is what I call social engineering. Everything in the mass media is centred on google and youtube because this is where the bulk of the people are. What I am showing here is not only the death of democracy it is the battle over your entire point of view and for the kids born to this digital world of trolls and atheists preferred over Christianity is a world of hate.

I explain a solution in this link :

I also explain more in this link:

So lets connect some more dots in the link to suicides. The biggest group I know of is Anonymous started from a pedophile website called 4chan. I suggest if you are Christian you take my word for it that it is the most evil website created . This is a site that leads you to social engineers or trolls that will guide your children form online games and childrens chat groups. Even Harmless space sims are not out of reach of these people

My idea involves creating a citizens action group where we get together and pool resources in the community. My example is the Teslabrotherhood for men and teslasisterhood for women both groups family oriented and not segregated. We discuss the monopolization of our world and the affects on our communities. We get large enough we bring back flour mills to every community and the family butcher shop. The real danger to your child is a dumbing down of civilization leaving your childrens generation in a non religious vacuum dependant on people who want them dead.

This is not a conspiracy this is admitted by the social engineers. They want to tell you about depopulation make you aware of their goals but they do not tell you how they want to bring it about.

It means you have to die so the social engineers can bring the population down to manageable amounts. Does it make sense to have one factory for your bread one factory for your meats and so on and burn fuel to reach the factory and then burn fuel for delivery. I live in a Town surrounded by wheat fields and no local bakers anymore. No local Butchers and the conditions where your meat is coming from is atrocious and the people we allow to feed us are..well see for yourself :

The cure is simple we have to realize we are treated like cattle and blinded to the truth :

We have to start an action GROUP and franchise the idea to every community if we want to save the children. Our church leaders mean well but they struggle in an unfair digital world losing their integrity trying to save your lives. Some preachers just want to tell you what you want to here and think it is you falling away and they do not see the mechanism purposely steering you away from God.
1 Corinthians 1:28-29 basically tells you the low born of the world and the despiised has God chosen even the things that are counted as nothing in order that he might bring to nothing the things that are so that no flesh might glory in his presence.

what I mean by this is this link :

Truth is you are in the belly of the beast and the Christian Shepards are silenced and this is why your children are committing suicide! I do not blame you for your blindness our own preachers struggle to tell you this!

A lot of people have the right idea and just like me wonder how to compact the message for you to understand.

Be safe my friends and relax I know a way out of the belly of the beast it starts with knowledge!

It is painful to watch the manipulation of your children and people do not watch what children are being exposed to. Fred Coulter can tell you a minister for the Christian Biblical church of god he compiled this video :

What happens if you ignore T.v and internet just want to gain knowledge:

even the president tried to say something is wrong !

Even the old Ideology makes sense and comes with a warning!

And the scientific world rebels against the atheists dispelling their ideology.



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Other groups I pay attention to:

So what is a Christian institution and how do we affect our community. We simply complain until things are corrected and the moral compass is set right. We do not leave out other Christian institutions we explain the instability when Christian institutions are infiltrated.

So what really happened to the Christian institution in the united states ?
some people use comedy to deal with the mess in this world:
To sum up my blog Which offers an explanation why children are committing suicides at an alarming rate..

we fail to arrest the enablers the people behind the scenes who work hard to see me fail to spread my knowledge. My goal is not anarchy and abandon government that is the goal of the groups trolling youtube. My Goal is to show you Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto who is making a mockery of our democratic institution. How did the city of Toronto elect this man to run their city. Truth is the people of Toronto did not elect him most likely he is appointed as a puppet to make it look like democracy is working or like now to show the failure of Democracy and show us how dumb we are so beauracrats can control things.
See for yourself the comedy that is Rob Ford and this is before he was mayor..